Freedom of speech

The negative power behind “Freedom of Speech.”

Nowadays you don’t have to be on social media platforms to know what trolling is. It’s something we have almost accepted into our lives as the norm. And increasingly people tell themselves that they’re not being nasty, vicious or unkind they are just using Freedom of Speech. But when did it become ok to purposely spue out hate under the guise of something that was supposed to help and serve purpose in our lives.

Free speech is one of our most important rights and one of the most misunderstood.
Use your freedom of speech to speak out for those that are denied theirs. But use it responsibly: it is a powerful thing.

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It’s a powerful thing

The right to freedom of speech is such an incredibly powerful thing and something we should cherish and hold on to. To be able to speak out for those who do not have a voice or the opportunity is a great gift. However I personally feel like a lot of that has been lost and now we use and think of it as an opportunity to say hurtful comments with no repercussions.

If it was your loved one

How would you feel if it was your loved one? That question is what I think could help humanise us all again. These people that purposely seek out others too humiliate for their life choices, sexuality, appearance and/or having the courage to be themselves, need to remember and think how they would feel if it was their loved one being targeted. It might be a celebrity but that is still a person, someones child, brother, sister and/or spouse. I know I would be devastated if someone took the time to send horrible comments to anyone I loved.

If they were in front of you would you say it?

If you walked into a room full of people and they all started commenting on your appearance how would you feel? First of all I’d be like “what the hell is going on.” And I would quickly start to think maybe they’re right. We all hold ourselves to these incredible high standards nowadays more than ever. So I personally would think the worst of myself. I watched an interview with one of the founders of facebook and he said that with social media we have lost some of our humanity and I think that’s exactly right we have forgotten that we are all human. No matter how much someone portrays their life to be perfect it’s just not true.

The power to use our voices for good

A lot of us are in a position where our voices may be small but we can use them for good. We all have so much that we think we have to be sad, anxious or unhappy about in this stressful day and age so I don’t want to spend my time reading or writing hate. I want to read things that fulfil me and bring happiness to my soul and I want to put that back into the world. I watched an interview with Sam Smith recently where he spoke so honestly that it made me feel really emotional. But the next day I saw hate pouring in on twitter and it made me really sad that everyones so quick to attack, judge and be offended but someones feelings.

Be kind and kick ass when we have too

So let us be kind always and kick some ass when we need too. We might not always say the right thing but if there’s good intention and love behind it we can grow and learn. I intend to speak out for the people who are struggling to get their voice heard and be their ally. I’m constantly trying to educate myself and gain more knowledge about things but from people not from the media. I’ve learnt it’s ok to ask questions too and that can lead to a lot more understanding. Which helps us become more of a community again rather than fighting against one another.

How does trolling and negative comments make you feel even if they’re not directed at you? I’d love to know your thoughts and how you manage life with social media. Thanks for readings 🙂 x