Why self-care should be the path to self love and we all should be doing it!

It feels like all we’re hearing or seeing in the media is self-care this and self-care that. But its so much more than having a nice bubble bath or luxury face masks. It should be the path that helps and guides us to self-love. However I know I’ve had a negative sting when I’ve talked about my journey and I’ve been made to feel like the hole thing is just plain selfishness. Well I’m hear to share exactly why that is complete BS and why we all should be doing it.

What is self-care…

The actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf of and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, well-being or wellness.

Self care forum’s definition of self care.

Who’s your priority number 1?

The answer should most definitely be yourself but for a lot of us it’s not. Putting yourself second has seemed like the right thing to do or the only thing to do. But I ask you this do you need to add another persons worries to the table? Adulting is hard enough. And if you’re not your priority numero uno who’s will you be?

It’s more than just a good nights sleep and some herbal tea.

The first thing that comes up when you google self-care is “get a good nights sleep”. Well bloody hell if only it was that easy. And I found when I was ignoring all the things I felt like I had to worry about and trying to burry my head in the sand. Thats when I would spend the night looking at the ceiling. Not fun! So I started with making lists or everything that was on my mind.

Make time for the YOU in your life.

The millennial women is busier than we’ve ever been and I’m always trying to catch up with friends and check out the latest bars. But do we ever really book in “me time” into our diaries? I started seeing a life coach which means I have 1 hour every few weeks to talk about everything Sarah. And I found giving myself that permission to think about only myself for 1 hole hour made me so much more engaged with other people. My mind became free to really listen because I’d given myself what I needed first.

Loving yourself is not selfish its necessary!

In the words of the great RuPaul “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” And I really can’t put it better myself. I used to think that saying was literally about finding a partner. But then I realised I was desperately lost because I’d neglected the most important person in my life…ME. And how could looking after my best interests, my wants and needs actually be selfish. So I say, start listening to what you want today. And if that’s a bubble bath do it, if that’s a cry whilst listening to Mariah Carey (we’ve all been there) do it and if that’s sitting in a room and asking yourself questions about how you really feel then do it.

It’s not always easy but the reward is priceless…

Even though I’ve made so much progress with self-care it’s not over. And I have to keep choosing to put myself first everyday. I hope this might help you do the same. Check out my previous post to find out where it all began. And here’s a link to some self care apps from theeverygirl that might help kick start your journey. Thanks for reading xx