Why I'm winning

Why I’m winning this year and it’s all because I decided to invest in myself!

First of all I just want to say I’m sorry for my very sporadic posting, I’ve been on tour and I’m not very good at balancing my blog when I’m on a show. And second of all thank you to all of you who continue to read my posts it really means so much.

Now on to the matter in hand, why I’m giving myself a pat on the back this year for taking the time to invest in myself and why I think I’m winning. 

Life coaching

I began life coaching in July this year after loosing the battle with my confidence (not to be too dramatic ha). I have talked so much about this on my blog and really tried to be as honest as possible to you guys and myself in a hope that I could figure things out but unfortunately I just couldn’t. So I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try this pretty crazy thing (well at least thats what I thought at first) and start life coaching. Which more importantly was taking time out of my day to focus purely on myself and what I want. Which was extremely weird at first and I had that constant niggle in the back of my head that I was being selfish and self centred. 

Being Selfish

The biggest thing I’ve realised is being ‘selfish’ is actually ok and necessary. And that I had actually really neglected myself by putting me last all the time and everyone else first. To the point I was putting people first that I didn’t even like, worried more about upsetting them than me (which is madness when I think about it). I really hadn’t realised how lost I had become. And I have moments in the sessions of complete sadness at seeing how much of myself I was hiding and loosing for a long time. 

Finding me again!

And really the reason why I’m winning is because I’ve found Sarah again. I’ve found my identity and who I had lost for quite sometime. I’ve found my courage and passion for life. And I finally feel lighter and happy everyday. Dare I say the cloud has finally been lifted (sorry for the extra cheese there). A few months ago or this time last year I would never have wrote something like this cause I would have thought its so self centred but I think thats ok and I’m so happy to acknowledge how far I have come in my journey of self discovery (not to sound to wanky). 

Is this something you guys can relate too? Or maybe life coaching is something you guys would like more information on, if it is I’m more than happy to answer any questions. And as always, thanks for reading 🙂 x