Crime Dramas

Crime Dramas you do not want to miss!

I feel like my biggest achievement this year is the amount of amazing television I have managed to watch (what an achievement haha). As someone who is obsessed with true crime I’m always on the hunt for great dramas. And there’s been so many amazing documentaries out that it’s been a hard battle. So these, in my opinion, are the ones worth binging on.

Sharp Objects

I have to start with this one because I’m just blown away by the 8 part series. I’m actually considering going back and rewatching it I loved it that much. It is quite a dark story that isn’t for the faint hearted as it deals with some distressing topics. It follows Amy Adams as Camille a reporter from a small town who ends up having to go back to investigate after a series of murders. While their she battles with her own demons and discovers things about her life she was completely unaware of. Catch it before its goes on Now TV,  you wont be disappointed. 

The Sinner

Find this on Netflix and enjoy…well I say enjoy you might end up a bit desperate to work this one out like I was. Which from the offset seems impossible after a young mum commits a terrible act of violence and then has no idea why. We follow her and the detective as they try to piece it all together. A truly great drama worth a watch thats for sure. 


Another Netflix series that I basically binged in 1 sitting. If your a fan of Dexter well here he is but as a widowed father of 2 who’s daughter goes missing from their gated community. On the desperate search to find her he uncovers dark secrets about his neighbours and people he thought were friends. This isn’t your usual missing child drama. It had me confused till the very end which I loved. 

Save me

I absolutely LOVED the British drama with an amazing cast such as Suranne Jones and Lennie James. You can find the 6 part series on Now Tv and you really should I promise it’s worth it :). It follows the disappearance of Claire’s daughter, played by Suranne, and how it brings back her absent father into their lives and the investigation. It’s a complicated web of relationships and lies that had me gripped. What I really liked is that the setting is different to the usual English dramas you see and it covers more than just a missing child. 


An ITV classic that has just brought out its third season so you better get catching up. Each season has its own stand alone storyline but the detectives and what the investigate remains the same. The team investigates discoveries of evidence that turn out to be cold cases. Each season then follows that investigation from start to finish with many twists and turns along the way. It’s definitely not predictable and cliche which is one of the reasons I’ve carried on watching over the years. You can catch on ITV Hub now. 


You can find this ITV drama on the ITV Hub or Netflix and you don’t want to miss out on this gritty series. The show follows Marcella, played by Anna Friel, a detective in London who’s life becomes intertwined with the cases she’s trying to solve. As her marriage and life begins to crumble so does her awareness of her own actions. Just as you think she’s overcome the dramas of the first series she back with a second set of life altering events. She’s definitely not your normal detective thats for sure. 


Do you have any recommendations? As you know I’m always looking for things to watch so I would to hear what you’ve been binging on 🙂 Thanks for reading xx