High-street and High-end beauty buys

High-street and High-end beauty and Skincare I’ve finally got my hands on!

First all my apologies for being a bit absent the last 2 weeks, I’ve been in rehearsals and started a show I’m in this summer so its been a bit intense. However I haven’t neglected my skincare and beauty (priorities right). And I’ve treated myself to some products I have wanted for a while. So lets get into my new High-street and High-end loves. 

Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic

I’m so happy I finally purchased this product. I have read plenty of amazing reviews and always thought about adding into my skincare routine and now I wouldn’t be without it. I use it morning and evening and I’ve noticed a gradual improvement with the texture of my skin. I’m still on my acne treatment so my skin was doing pretty good but texture is something that I notice even when I’m blemish free. This smooths and evens out the pumpy bits whilst getting rid of that dull grey looking skin. For people with sensitive like me I didn’t find it harsh at all which is great news. I bought the small bottle to start with at £10 but I’ll be going for the bigger one next time. 

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin food

I saw a makeup artist use this on Estee Lalonde’s instastories and was pretty keen to try it after the amazing things she said. First off I picked it up from Holland and Barrett and its an absolute bargain at £9.95. Secondly its a dewy girls dream! The littlest amount goes such a long way as it’s super rich and it leaves the skin really plumped and glowy. It’s made from natural ingredients so there’s nothing in there that will clog your pores and cause a breakout. I put my makeup on top of it and it does help everything go on so smoothly however I would recommend setting with a powder after otherwise you will be very shiny. Even Victoria Beckham raves about this product so if it’s good enough for Victoria it’s good enough for us 🙂


Elemis Superfood Day Cream

I was lucky enough to get this in a goody bag which was a real treat as I’ve wanted to try Elemis products but always thought they were a bit out of my price range. This superfood day cream is right up my street as it’s full of ingredients to hydrate and replenish the skin. Thats always the top of my list when it comes to my skin especially as I sometimes have to use harsh acne creams. You can definitely tell this is a more luxurious product from the smell and the way it glides onto the skin. It leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and happy. I’m really glad I’ve had the chance to add this to my routine. 

Pia Skincare

Pai Rosehip Oil

My lovely housemate actually gave me this product just before my holidays and I’m so grateful. I love using face oils especially ones designed for sensitive skin. This is another organic product that overnight regenerates the skin without irritation. The essential nutrients help improve dullness, dry patches, sun damage, fine lines and lots of other things us ladies want to tackle. I really noticed an improvement with the dullness and overall skin tone. I think using it on holiday helped soothe my skin after long days in the sun. Priced at £24 I would definitely purchase this once I’ve ran out. 

Dior Lip Glow

Dior Lip Glow 

In a way this was a treat day but at the same time I’m obsessed with lip balms so I knew it was only a matter of time till I gave in and bought one. I got the colour raspberry and it is fabulous. I’m using it everyday instead of lipstick and it leaves such a nice natural stain on the lips whilst actually hydrating them. I’m considering getting other colours because I love it so much. It’s £26 which might seem like a lot to some people but lip balm is something I will spend on and this is really worth it. 


Glossier Haloscope 

At last I have got myself some Glossier products (excitedly dances). I’ve been admiring their stuff online for sooooo long. And it was very much a case of I just couldn’t afford to treat myself for months. But as soon as that situation changed I have picked up some of their goodies. I got the highlighter in the shade Quartz which is a perfect match for my fair skin tone. This is not a sparkly chalky highlighter at all it is so natural and dewy. I personally don’t mind sparkly ones but I do love how natural and understated this is. It glides on and leaves that natural glow I’ve been after for so long. Glossier products are hypoallergenic and free from a lot of the nasty’s that can cause irritation and breakouts so I will definitely be trying more of their products in the near future. 


Glossier Boy Brow

I got this with the highlighter as it worked out better value for money at £28 and I’m a little bit in love. I’ve been buying really cheap eyebrow mascaras for a while now and I thought it was about time I gave my brows the attention they deserve. I got shade blonde so it will help when my eyebrows are getting to the point where they need to be tinted again. I really love how full it makes them look. It really defines each hair and makes them look so much thicker than they actually are (Yay). It’s not clumpy or cakey which is one thing that worries me with coloured eyebrow brushes and it also doesn’t make you look to overdone. I’m very happy over here with my purchases. 


Is there anything High-end or High-street you would say that I have to try? Let me know and I’ll try and get them on the next months list! And as always, Thanks for reading 🙂