Money and New Blogger

My opinion on Money and Time being the biggest obstacle for new bloggers and wannabe influencers! 

I recently met up with fellow blogger Martine who I met last year at a blogging conference. A conference that cost over £100 I might add. And we had a conversation about how we thought our blogs and social medias were growing at a snails pace. This is something I have thought about a lot and something I have done some investigating on over the last few months. And I have come to the conclusion that for new bloggers, where blogging isn’t their full time job, the biggest obstacles are money and time. Of course effort and content play a massive part in the growth of a blog but what if you don’t have the time or the resources to keep producing new content. 


Spending most of this year doing my Temp job I have struggled to be able to buy new things all the time. I mean I can’t do a monthly favourites if I havent tried any new beauty products. I can’t tag new clothes in my instagram that people might like to buy if I’m wearing last seasons Zara (heaven forbid). So in turn my content isn’t as appealing. I’m guilty of looking at influencers and wanting to know where to get items from so I can potentially make a purchase. Which of course is the aim of the game and what everyone’s doing. It kind of takes disposable fashion to a new level. 


If you are doing a job unrelated to blogging like working in an office all day how can you get the time to create new content and post something new and fresh for a daily instagram post. If I had the money and not the time I could hire a photographer and get lots of pictures done in 1 day. But for a lot of people that’s not the case. And for me I am lucky enough to get my boyfriend to do most of the photography but if we do get a day off together I would like to spend the time with him not worrying so much about outfits, poses and locations. 


For these reasons I have decided to be a bit more laid back with my whole approach. I am in the situation I am in for now and I need to work with that. And not drive myself and my boyfriend mad with the unreachable expectation. Of course I would love to have a successful blog and social media but it will happen when it happens and I’m not going to sacrifice eating over a new lipstick or pair of shoes just for the gram. I want to enjoy creating content not feel anxious and worried all the time thats it’s not good enough and I’m wearing the same pair of trousers that I wore in another photo #1stworldproblems. 

What are your thoughts on money and social media? Or do you have any top tips on how to keep a blog and instagram going that maybe I’m missing? Thanks you as always for reading 🙂 xx