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The only thing I can think to write about is a little life update!

I have sat at work for 3 days completely unable to think of any new and exciting topics to write about. The only thing that kept popping back into my head is to write a mini life update. I know I have a lot of posts where I talk about the roller coaster ride I call my emotions but it’s quite rare for me to sit down and just share how bloody happy I am. This time last year I really didn’t think I would be where I am now or feel the way I feel right now. And I’m really trying to savour the moment. 


Whats going right…

For anyone who doesn’t know ( I’ve pretty much rammed it down everyone’s throats so I’d be shocked if you don’t) I recently got engaged. So I’m in a kind of place where is still can’t believe it’s happened and I don’t really feel old enough…even though I very much am haha. But I am very very happy. I also have a new job which I’m about to start. It is something I have been working towards for so long. And there was a point in time where I really thought it would never happen. The new job is a role as an understudy on a show on the West End. I’m finally able to say I will be making me West End Debut (which is a bit of a big thing for us musical theatre folk). 


Do I deserve it…

Call me crazy but I’m trying to fight away the little doubts of do I deserve to feel this happy and have these opportunities. And to answer my own question I think I do. Moving to London really has been hard work and my career is a thing which has never been easy. It’s something I have had to work so hard at and I feel like I’m making real progress in the right direction. And for once I’m allowing myself to be proud of what I’ve achieved and celebrate it. Instead of saying it’s not quite what I want it to be.

Park views

Living in the moment…

So I’ve decided I have to live in the moment and try to enjoy everything 1 step at a time. I feel like the changes with my positivity have really helped me get to a place of feeling happy. And even before these fantastic things happened I was doing everything I could to remain positive even in harder times. I think changing my outlook has helped me become more content with things if they go my way or not. If I could pass on any advice it would be figure out a way to accept the now. That has been my biggest battle for as long as I can remember. And I know I will have to do a little reminder at another point down the line. But I’m just pleased I’ve made progress when things were pretty crap so now I can celebrate the good. 


A thank you for all your continued support and lovely comments it means so much 🙂 x