Budget Holiday for 2

Budget friendly holiday!

First of all Hi 🙂 I’m back from a pretty incredible holiday to Portugal. And it wasn’t amazing because it was a crazy extravagant instagram worthy trip, it was great because we had a lovely time on a budget. So not only were we extremely excited to get away my purse was pretty happy too. Here’s what I did to find a great trip that didn’t cost the earth…

On the Beach

So I’m not just talking about going on the beach (of course that’s what we wanted) but I’m talking about the website On The Beach. I did my research and their website had some pretty great packages and what really sold me was that you can put down a deposit to start with and pay off as you go. If it wasn’t for that our holiday wouldn’t have been possible. So we decided this was the best option for us. 

Where and when

Where to go and when to go can be tough for some people. Especially if you work term time. So my advice to people who dont have to go in school holidays, DON’T. It cuts down so much of the cost and it will be a lot quieter. Deciding where to go can be tricky so ask friends and family. I went to Portugal last year for my friends wedding in April and the weather was lovely and it wasn’t to busy so we decided Portugal in May would be great. 

The Package

Let me get right to it, the package had flights their and back with easyjet, 10 nights in hotel Praia da Oura, transfer and insurance all included. The deposit we put down was about £60 each and we didn’t have to finish paying everything off until 2 weeks before. You can also cancel up to 2 weeks before the holiday. We chose self catering but there are options for bed and breakfast, half board and all inclusive. The room came with a kitchen, living room and balcony. I also just added one suitcase for hold luggage as easyJet don’t weigh hand luggage and this really helped the cost. 

Monzo Card

Thank god I finally have a Monzo card in my life. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about it, it’s a bank card that’s linked purely to an app on your phone and you can use it abroad with no extra charge. So we didn’t have to do the thing where you withdraw a whole load of cash before for you go. You can also pay with card with no extra charges. This really helped us keep track of what we were spending and not having to worry about having a lot of cash on us or in the room. I would definitely recommend getting something like this for traveling abroad. 

Eating in 

We decided before we went we wouldn’t eat out every single night. Which is why I wanted a kitchen in the room. It worked out really well and we enjoyed having food on the balcony and being able to treat ourselves when we did eat out. It also helps my stomach not eating out a lot as it really messes up my digestion having rich food all the time. 

Eating out

When eating out make sure you check out what all the restaurants are offering and for what prices. For example there were a strip of restaurants that all looked out onto the beach and all sold pretty much the same kind of food and drinks but for different prices. So one place was selling cocktails at €8 and the other next door was selling them for €6.50. Also if you go to less touristy places you will normally find great food at cheaper prices. 

Travel essentials 

Going somewhere like Portugal you need to make sure you have all your travel essentials like sun cream and aftersuns before you get there. I bought Garnier sun cream in Asda for £4 and most little supermarkets in Portugal around our hotel were selling the same thing for about €14. Thats a hell of a lot more expensive so don’t waste Sangria money on something you can get so cheap at home.

I could keep waffling on with all the little things that helped but these were the main things that helped us. I hope some of these tips might come in handy for when your next going away! Is there anywhere you love to go that’s budget friendly? Thanks for reading x