Contraceptive Pill

The increasing worry about the Contraceptive Pill!

I never thought I’d write a post like this but it’s really something that has been on my mind for a while. One of the reasons I have any worries or concerns is because of the medias portrayal of the contraceptive pill. I have literally read so many horror stories from young women on the pill that has made me question my decision to be taking this tablet that has been in my life for a decade. 

Why the Pill?

When I eventually started my periods (which felt like forever compared to my friends) I had the worst pain. To the point I would be vomiting constantly throughout the first day. *Not fun*. The only option at the time was the pill. And over 10 years on this is still the main reasons I choose to stay on it. I recently went to the doctors and the only other option that would contain less hormones would be the coil. But hearing experiences from people that have the coil I don’t feel like it’s something I would want. But I’m at a place now where the media has affected the way I think about the pill and a doctor saying after being on the pill for all those years I will have a hormone overload. *Bloody Scary.*

Understanding the Pill

My main issue is my understanding of all these ‘issues’. I don’t want to keep looking online and hear more and more stories that are probably more like speculation than fact. But I do want more information that could help me make my decision. Now I’m older I feel like I want to understand what I’m putting into my body and how it will affect me in the long run. When I was a teenager those kinds of things weren’t on my radar but now I need to know. 

Major Concerns

My main concern is the phrase Hormone load that was used. This has made me more worried and I’m kicking myself I didn’t really push to know how it would affect me. But to be honest I always found the Doctors to be very vague on this topic.  I do get worried when I read these stories about blood clots. But I do make sure I read the full story and there is often a lot of different circumstances at play so it is not just as cut and dry as it was The Pill that did that. I also worry about the affect that the pill could have if I want to start a family *a majorly scary thought.* I’m trying to not live my life so ignorantly that I don’t think about the future at all but then I don’t want to be worrying about it so much. 

Positive stories

I have had friends tell me really positive things about finally stopping the pill. And recently I read Sophie Milners experience on her blog Fashion Slave. And it was crazy how much better she said she felt after stopping. I really would like to come off it and try and use one of these fancy apps to manage my cycle. But the thing that stops me is the question of how much pain am I going to be in. I still get quite bad pain now but its completely manageable and I couldn’t stop my life every month to spend a day being sick. *No thank you*. 

Other options

I have no idea if there other options out there that don’t require hormones to control the monthly pain. I was actually recommended by the Dr to join my packs together to stop my periods for a while. Which I did not like the idea of. Maybe this is a time I need to get my research on to see if there are other things that would help. And if you guys have any advice or recommendations I would LOVE to hear them.


Do you guys have any stories or words of advice? And as always thanks for reading 🙂 x