London Life

London Life 3 years on!

I realised the other day that I’ve now lived in London 3 whole years. And I thought why not do an update on my post ‘The real truth about living in London in your 20’s’. Some of my feelings and situations have definitely changed and I feel a lot happier being here. So here’s what’s been going on in the life of a Nottingham girl living in London…

No Longer living with strangers

Last year me and my boyfriend did our 3rd move in under 3 years, and I am truly fed up of it. But this move is the best we’ve done, not only because we have a better room but because of our flat mates. My new flat mates are awesome, so awesome I celebrated a very drunken birthday with them and had the best time. Which is something I never thought possible after my experience with everyone else I have lived with. I no longer feel trapped in my room and have to worry about what weird thing will happen next. And the biggest thing for me is I enjoy seeing and spending time with them, which has surprised me more than anyone. Especially in my last flat I would have chosen starvation over having a conversation with them haha so this is a massive life improvement. 


I feel a lot more content in this area of my life as I have made some great friends over the last year and a half. I still find the same kind of cold attitude is around with a lot of people but now I just think that I’m glad I surround myself with people who aren’t like that. I’m really lucky to have people that bring real positivity into my life and are also a blast to be around. 

No longer feeling like an inconvenience

I will no longer let people make me feel like an inconvenience, it’s a typical London trait. To act high and mighty and oh so busy. Busier than everyone else around, especially if their wearing a power suit. But I might be in leggings and a hoodie but I’m equally as busy and ‘important’ as they are. So I’m not giving them the little power trip so many people seem to need. 

Goodbye personal space

One thing I’ve learnt to live with is the complete lack of personal space. And to be honest it isn’t bothering me as much anymore. Mostly because if I didn’t get over it I would never get anywhere in the morning because the tubes are literally like sardine cans. There are certain points where it does grate on me, like when you’re all packed in the carriage so closely that your trying to avoid peoples breath and someone starts reading a newspaper or a book. With the pages hitting you in the face….Not ok! 

The Joy of rushing everywhere

Something that I have come to love and hate it rushing everywhere. I do have to tell my self to calm down when I really dont need to rush but I actually quite like power walking everywhere. Am I turning into a Londoner?! I have to tell myself to forgive people who don’t know the unspoken rules and laws of the underground because I really don’t want to be that person. 

Still no savings

So I still have no savings but life in general has been a lot better with the options of treating ourselves a little more. However I do think we will make the big step and try and save as it would be amazing to not live pay check to pay check every month. 

Why I still want to stay

My love for London is still going strong especially as summer is approaching. I was away for a lot last year so I did have some long breaks away from the city which I definitely needed but I do love coming back. At the moment I’m still loving finding new places and let me tell you there’s always new things to find. I love the attitude that you can wear anything you want and no one looks twice. Through all the negatives London has the non judgmental vibe is what I like. And it’s also where I need to be for my career so I have a great excuse to stay. 

What are your favourite things about London or where you live? I would love to hear your stories! Thanks for reading 🙂 x