New Years Resolutions

Checking in on my New Years Resolutions.

As we have just stepped into April and these last few months have been very unusual I thought it would be good for me to evaluate those pesky resolutions I decided I would try. And to be honest it’s not even about the resolutions themselves its more about improving myself. And making me feel like a better me. 

Doing New things

I said that this year I would try new things and push myself and I’m proud to say I have. I never expected the ‘journey’ it would take me on *not to sounds to wanky*. It definitely pushed me to confront my confidence issue that had been getting worse over the years without me realising. And by putting myself in situations where I’m out of my comfort zone I have created different and better ways to deal with things. I have gained some of my self belief back which at the beginning of the year I didn’t have. And have understood how I was holding myself back and self sabotaging because I didn’t trust myself at all. So I’m excited to keep doing different things and seeing where it takes me.

Ditching the Negativity

This is one of my biggest works in progress and I already feel like I have taken some leaps in being more positive. It’s kind of like I’ve had to rewire my brain to not instantly go down a negative path. And it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. But I’ve felt a lot less anxious and stressed over the last few months which is like a weight being lifted. And even though sometimes I feel the negativity creeping back in I’m learning how to fight it off. I’m getting there slowly but surely and I do feel a lot happier. Because everything does work out in the end 🙂

Healthier Choices

So this is my resolution that has room for improvement. I’ve kind of gone through the last few months not really worrying about what I was eating, to the point where dessert would always be a chocolate bar. And not exercising  as much. So what a surprise when I look in the mirror and things aren’t looking quite so great. But I am doing something about it especially as my stomach has been kind of constantly bloated which I know is a warning sign for me. So I am back to forcing myself to exercise as I have really lost my gym motivation and making a lot of different and healthier choices. I’m also trying to listen to what my body likes and doesn’t like which isn’t always the most fun but probably the most important thing to do. 

I still have ways to go with my resoltutions but it’s nice to write it down and see the progress I have made so far. How have your resolutions been going? Or is there something you challaged yourself with? Thanks for readings 🙂