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Podcast Love’s list!

As promised here is a new love’s list of all my favourite podcasts. I have been adding new podcasts into my monthly favourites posts but I thought it would be good to have a brand new update. Here’s the link to the previous Podcast post incase you missed it. So lets get started. 

The Vanished

Unsurprisingly The Vanished podcast tells the story of missing people across the world. Join Marissa as she talks to family members of the missing and tells the stories of people who have vanished off the face of the earth. Marissa mostly covers active missing persons investigations with loved ones hoping to draw attention to the cases and she also occasionally covers stories where the person has been found. It is a great podcast that highlights how many people go missing and very often the struggle the people who are left behind have trying to put the pieces together. 

Generation Why 

Generation Why is a true crime podcast *surprise surprise* produced by 2 friends Aaron and Justin. What I love is they share their honest opinions on crimes, mysterious and common conspiracy theories that very often surround crimes. They are brutally honest and have a very logical approach when talking about cases. They cover a lot of cases that have been in the media but they also cover things that I personally have never heard of before. I have got through all available episode at the moment but they also have episodes archived on iTunes. 

Young Charlie 

Young Charlie from Hollywood and crime is the story of the infamous Charles Manson. The 2 narrators Tracy Pattin and Stephen Lang take you on a journey of the life of Manson and how he became who he was. This is a great approach to the story for me because the way it’s told is like an audio book. The 2 narrators go between the birth of Charles Manson to the killer leader he became. It’s a 6 part series, so short and sweet and definitely worth a listen. 

Dirty John 

Dirty John is an investigative podcast hosted by Christopher Goffard. It almost seems like fiction because the things that happen are pretty crazy and it’s hard to imagine people actually lived through them. Christopher talks to people that knew and came into contact with John Meehan and how he affected their lives. The podcast follows Meehan’s web of deceit and lies into a shocking end. It’s a really great listen and has attracted a lot of attention for its style and topic. 

Keeping it Candid

Steering very much away from true crime is the Keeping it candid podcast hosted by Millie Cotton and Sophie Milner. I talk about this in my February favourites and I needed to mention it here incase you missed it. Keeping it Candid is a pop culture podcast that is very much about girl talk, social media and current events. The ladies give their honest opinions on topics that are affecting a lot of us and talk about the imapact things have on their lives. They also give tips and tricks for people interested in blogging and social media influencers. And they also share how they manage their careers as full time bloggers. Plus they don’t take themselves to seriously so for me it ticks all the boxes for some easy listening. 


So that’s my round up of new love’s over the last few months. I’ll be sure to add to this list if anymore come up 🙂 And if you have any that you love to listen to please let me know? Thanks for reading x