Creating Content

Lets talk about the pressure for instagram worthy content!

This is a topic I know a lot of bloggers and/or social media influencers have talked about before. And I have read some posts where I’m literally like *YES, thank you for summing up how I feel*. So I wanted to talk about it from my own perspective *cause my opinion is so important ha*. I am joking with that because I do have this inner voice saying ‘why does anyone care what little old me thinks.’ But I think we often hear these thoughts from people who have ‘made it’ in the blogging or social media world and that definitely is not me. So here’s the thoughts on it from someone who feels like they can’t even really call themselves a blogger. 

Creating Content

The main reason I began my blog was to have a creative outlet outside of my ‘job’. But with a blog and social media comes this enormous pressure to constantly be creating great content. The writing side of things is something I really enjoy but the other side of having pictures to go with the writing is what gives me the anxiety. Of course I do sometimes struggle to come up with ideas for a post but that’s not the same as not having the chance or the time to take pictures to put on the blog and then Instagram…and the list goes on. 

 Showing my life

My goal with my blog and instagram is to show my life in different ways. But obviously a great picture doesn’t jsut happen by accident *god I wish*. Even a ‘I just got out of bed’ picture isn’t that at all. It’s hair and makeup done, room tidied and styled all for one picture. Which of course in turn means we aren’t really showing real life because it’s styled and manipulated to have a somewhat glamorous edge. But personally I don’t think you want to see the REAL I just got out of bed Sarah because it would scare the living daylights out of you. So I want to look my best, look my most stylish and made up but sometimes I don’t have the time or a photographer and you know what sometimes I just can’t be arsed. 

Picture Perfect

I’ve started this really annoying thing where I put this pressure on myself to go to somewhere specific with the thought that I will get a great picture. But I always seem to have someone in the background or I’ve unluckily sat in the wrong seat. *Maybe you become a pro with that over time, I don’t know.* And I also get a bit embarrassed of getting the unlucky person to take all these pictures of me. But then if I go home and I don’t have anything I like I’m then angry with myself. So maybe I’m making it into this big drama that it doesn’t need to be. 

Time, time, time

My biggest issue with creating content is time. And its usually not my time, its the person who I need to take the pictures of me. *I feel like the most vain person saying that.* Because this isn’t my career or job I am juggling everything, usually pretty poorly, to fit it all in. So when my boyfriend is off I’m dragging him to places to take pictures when really all I want to do is chill out and watch a film together and not worry at all what I’m wearing or if my hairs done. When I put it like that it all seems trivial. 


I actually think social influencers pictures have become too perfect. With amazingly styled outfits *whatever the weather* and awesome locations. And I think even if you’re not a blogger it puts pressure on everyone to up our picture game. I would potentially go to a restaurant or coffee shop that looks cute and pretty rather than somewhere that produces better products but wouldn’t look as good in pictures. I don’t think the perfect pic empadameic *ha* is going to really change in the near future but I would be interested to know what kind of pictures you personally prefer. Because sometimes I actually do like the less styled more personal pictures of people I follow. 

Is this something you have found with instagram other other social media platforms? I hope I’m not the only one, and I’m definitely going to stop with the pressure because usually better things happen 🙂 Thanks for reading x