Importance of Friendship

Appreciating Friendship!

The idea for this post came to me after hearing something on a podcast about appreciating friendship. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was but if I do I will link it into the post. After hearing that I thought it was so true that sometimes we pass through weeks, months and maybe years not ever showing the people we so luckily call friends the appreciation they deserve. 

Moving away from friends

When I moved away from home to start my first job that was my first taste of leaving my friends behind and it was tough. I have gone on to have 2 more jobs abroad and have left friends at home and left friends there. I think that has really helped me be grateful for the people I have managed to keep in my life. Because it’s not easy having a long distance friendship and it takes effort on both sides. 

In defense of a few friends

As I’ve got older I’ve had less and less friends but the friends I have are solid gold. That expression its quality not quantity is true to even your buddies in my opinion. Of course it’s lovely to go out with a big group but for me I love that the people in my life really know me and I know them. Those are the people I have really ‘clicked’ with. Something I found hard when I first moved to London and felt very alone but that didn’t last thank god. 

The Power of friends

Whenever I see my mates no matter where I am in my life and whats going on they always make me feel better. I sometimes get friendship withdrawal when I’ve not managed to see people for a while and especially my friends in Nottingham and Paris that I don’t get to see as often. But no matter what I know when I see them I’m going to have a blast.

Thank you to friends

I think that sounds a bit soppy and it isn’t really the done thing but saying thank you to your pals can mean so much and let them know how much they mean to you. I try to show that through making time for people but I am by no means perfect at that. And I do feel guilty when I’m unable to make as much time for people as I’d like. But that’s the thought that drives me to free up my time and also because of how much fun I have when I’m around them. 

Is there anyone if your life you want to make more time for or tell them how much they mean to you? It might make their day like it would yours 🙂 Thanks for reading x