Februar Favs

February love’s

I know I’m a little late getting the post out but I have been a bit of a busy women the last few days. Better late then never 🙂 I feel like I’ve blinked and February has gone! I’m not complaining after the slog that was January. And at the end of the month means one thing, a round up post. In my last one I did a mix of things and that’s what I’m going to continue on with for the time being. So let’s get into the love’s for the month. 


  • Ren clean skincare is my new discovery. I got 2 in my advent calendar which were Evercalm Global protection Day cream and the Keep young and beautiful Instant firming beauty shot. Both these products are so dreamy. The firming beauty shot goes on like a serum and sets leaving the skin feeling really firm. The Day cream, for one smells lovely and melts into the skin while hydrating and plumping beautifully. From the first use I loved these products and they work really well together and separately. All Ren’s products avoid toxic ingredients and use naturally derived hi tech bio-actives that help the skin help itself. 
  • Revolutions Conceal and define Concealer. I’m happy, and I think lucky, to get a drugstore concealer in a shade that actually matches my skin tone. So for you pale people out there, there is hope! Although I don’t have Tarte concealer I have read SO many reviews about it and I believe this is a great Dupe. And its only £4 so an absolute steal. The wand is a brilliant size and applies really well. I personally paired it with a really hydrating tinted moisturizer and I preferred it when blended with my fingers rather than a beauty blender. But I was wearing in the day and I like a more natural base but if you wanted a heavier look it will definitely do that.


  • Topshop Boots. I recently bought some boots from topshop and I absolutely love them. Not only were they really reasonably priced at £36 they are really comfy and easy to wear. I wanted a healed boot as I have my Doc Martins which are really casual so I thought I needed something that could be more dressy. But I didn’t want to pay loads for them. These are perfect I like the thick sole and they have a padded section inside the shoe for the ball of your foot. Even on the first wear they didn’t rub my feet so I was majorly impressed. 


  • Hazelnut milk. I am obsessed with Hazelnut milk coffee, it doesn’t feel quite the same without it. I try not to drink to much diary and I’m not really a fan of almond milk in coffee so this is perfect and tasty. I‘m always recommending it and trust me it’s delicious.
  • Graze Protien bites. I was introduced to these a while ago and boy am I glad. They are gluten free, packed full of protien and energy. They are great after the gym or a little pick me up in the middle of the day and they are great travel size snack. 


  • The Greatest Showman soundtrack. As everyone at the moment I am completely in love with the soundtrack from the Greatet Showman. I did really enjoy the film, I kind of wanted to see more of the circus group if I’m honest. That was my biggest disappointment with the film but the songs more than made up for that. They are really empowering emotional songs that I never get bored of listening to. 
  • Keeping it Candid podcast. As you know I’m a podcast junkie and this is my new fave girl talk podcast. The two ladies are bloggers and social media influencers called Sophie and Millie. They talk about relatable topics to do with anything from fashion, food and social media. It’s great girl power chats!
  • Undercover on Netflix! An absolute must watch new series on Netflix with a fantastic cast and a plot that keeps you on your toes throughout. It is a crime/law drama with a not so typical storyline. I really hope they do another series of this great drama. 

Is there anything that you loved last month? Any recommendations are very welcome 🙂 thanks for reading x