Mother’s Day gift guide

Mother’s Day gift ideas, so you don’t end up in the dog house!

This post is in collaboration with Clive Christian

It’s that time of year to celebrate the women in our lives! And what better way than with a special gift, big or small. Mother’s Day is a great way to show whoever you class as your mother figure just how much they mean to you. I do really enjoy shopping for my mum and I don’t usually run short of ideas. But seeing as it’s not that long after Xmas and my mum’s just had her birthday too it can be tricky to know what the little lady wants. 

Say it with a Fragrance

I have always loved treating my mum to perfume and when I worked for a fragrance company, which I mentioned in a previous post, I was able to get her quite a few treats. And I think with fragrance it’s a lovely Luxury Mothers Day gift. To be honest it’s hard sometime to not splash out when it comes to great scents. And the scents available at Clive Christian are amazing. They are definitely in the Luxury price range but the super rich unique ingredients they use make them are worth the pennies. My favourite that I think is most suited to my mum would be the V Fruity Floral as it has a lot of the notes she usually likes in a fragrance. They also have a range of beautiful scented candles.

Say it with Skincare 

My mum’s skincare game is very strong. She is a big fan of Temple Spa so she’s always using their amazing stuff. After using their sheet mask with my mum I thought it was definitely a great treat that will give results almost straight away *and who doesn’t want that*. The Contourist skin remodeling and brightening mask is a great gift idea. Right off the back this sheet mask is different as it extends down to the chin. It also has bits that attach behind your ears so you can secure the whole mask in place. Personally I love this touch as masks can move around a bit so this keeps it in place. And it also gives the under the chin area some TLC. I could see my mum’s face was plumped and glowing after 20 minute of the mask. So that’s a real winner in my eyes. 

Say it with Makeup

This is one of my favourite things to buy my mum because I know that’s something she wont treat herself to that often. And because I’m a little makeup obsessed I’ve got new things I want her to try. I am subscribed to Beauty Pie (I explain what that is in this post). And I think this a really great idea to either gift a subscription or use some of the allowance to get some great quality products. My mum also loves the Touche Eclat from YSL and she doesn’t treat herself to that a lot but it’s a product she’s loved for years and after trying it myself I understand why. 

Say it with Stationary

And by stationary I mean all those nick knacks you can find in stores like Paperchase. Who not only have great stationary but great gifts too. I am Paperchase obsessed If you haven’t already noticed by how much I mention it *sorry* and my mum loves that kind of thing too. The sweet and scented bath roses caught my eye as a nice gift for tired mum’s who need a bit of time to unwind in a bubble bath. I always seem to be getting my mum a mug as she drinks so much coffee and this Mum in a Million mug would be perfect. Paperchase have a whole mother’s day Gift section full of cute little things perfect for the special day. 

Say it with Stories

My mum loves to read and since she got her kindle there’s been no stopping her. She can take it everywhere as its a great travel size or just sit on the sofa and read. I’m more into podcasts myself especially with my commute but I definitely see the love and need for a kindle. And there is the new Kindle Oasis as a real treat for Mother’s Day. It’s high resolution, anti glare and waterproof to name a few features. For more budget friendly option there is the classic kindle. How about the gift of reading, I know my mum would be a pretty happy lady. 


Is there anywhere you love to shop for the perfect present? Or something that’s a must have for Mother’s Day?

Photo from Clive Christian collection