Fragrance wish list

Fragrance that is a little bit lust worthy!

This post is sponsored by L’Occitane

Fragrance isn’t something I have talked about a lot on my blog but for a while selling perfume was actually my job. Because of the job I was very lucky to get a lot of freebies. *I had to know what I was selling right*? I still have a lot of bottles of different perfumes left so I never feel like I deserve to treat myself. But sometimes I get a bit bored of what I’m spraying just like what I’m wearing so I think it’s time to get some of the things I’ve been admiring. Here are some of the highlights from my perfume wish list. 

L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere L’eau 

Terre De Lumiere L’eau is a beautiful new twist on L’Occitane’s classic Terre De Lumiere eau de parfum. It comes in the sweetest pink bottle, and I don’t know about you but the bottle plays a part in my purchase. It has notes of Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant and white musk, to name a few.* I unintentionally seem to really be drawn to fragrances including white musk*. The perfume itself represents the fresh air of dawn when the sun begins to rise, the notes help create that feeling for you throughout the day. A really beautiful, fresh and floral smell. I need to add this to my collection and to my dressing table

L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere Perfume

I was lucky enough to get sent some samples of Terre De Lumiere which is the classic and timeless eau de parfum. This is a really delicate and feminine scent in a gorgeous gold bottle. With fresh warm notes of honey, almond and lavender. I fell in love with this perfume because it made me feel really elegant and chic. Two words I probably wouldn’t use to describe myself. This scent is perfect for lovers of sweet and rich fragrances like me and I like that there’s two options out there to suit everyone. I’m looking forward to trying more L’Occitane now I’ve had my first taste of their beautiful fragrances. 

Chanel eau Tendre

A really popular fragrance I tried and loved at first smell. It’s a really light and fresh scent perfect for the summer months. It has notes of Grapefruit, Jasmine and white musk which I love. A lovely fruity floral fragrance that is delicate and light on the skin but still is very long lasting. After I sprayed it in the shop in the morning I could still smell it on my skin that evening which is a winner in my opinion.                    

Escentric Molecules 01

This is a bit of a cult classic that I’ve wanted to add to my collection but never have. What makes it stand out is that it’s based on one note that adapts to the wearer so you have your own unique fragrance. It’s a pretty subtle scent that won’t over power you or other people around you. It has a really delicate and seductive smell. This is a future treat me gift I think.  

Glossier You

I really want to try Glossier’s first fragrance especially after seeing so many great reviews of it. Estee Lalonde actually says it is very similar to Escentric Molecules 01 in her review over on her channel. It has notes of Ambrette, Musk and Pink Pepper which melt into the skin. It’s very reasonably priced too so it’s one I won’t feel too guilty about buying. 

Georgio Armani Si

This is one I used to spray when I worked in the fragrance hall. It was always so popular because, for me, it’s quite a classic feminine fragrance. It’s a chic sultry smell that is intense and soft and not overpowering. I have a bit of a thing about crazy strong fragrances now. I think it’s after working around perfume for a year I find I’m prone to headaches if a scents to strong. So I’m always after something long lasting but not to overbearing and this is definitely one of those fragrances. 

These are the main fragrances on my wish list but I’m sure there will be more as the year goes on. Do you have any recommendations