Gratitude Journal

Beginning a Gratitude Journal!

First of all I’m sorry if the title sounds a little pushy but I’m pretty excited about my Gratitude discovery. Obviously this isn’t something really new and crazy but I think it’s a really great idea. I’ve talked before about how writing lists helped me with anxiety and stress and this is another step in the right direction for my mental health. I have the tendency sometimes to forget everything that is good and everything that I should be grateful for so this is a brilliant way to remind myself everyday. 


I read an article about how journaling and particularly gratitude journaling is an amazing way to banish stress and help depression. Obviously that’s a pretty bold statement and wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were true. Just a pen and paper that can rid the mind of some it’s worse most debilitating thoughts instead of taking medication or worse suffering in the silence of your own head. Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night I get my phone out and write in the notes section all the words and thoughts that are going round in my head. But what’s lovely with a journal is you can go back and reflect on what you wrote. In the future you are able to go back and see how you were feeling and maybe realise how much you might have improved. 

The Journal

What I love about the gratitude journal is that it has lovely questions that it asks you, such as ‘who inspired you today?’ Questions I wouldn’t necessarily ask myself when I’m feeling low and dare I say a little ungrateful. It also has quotes in there from all different people like ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’ Dalai Lama. I love little things like that, it keeps me grounded, makes me smile and stops me being so cynical *shocking I know*. 


So start one today! If you’re like me and you struggle with the day to days of being an adult *why do I have to be an adult* then something like this would be a great step in clearing the fog and clutter from your mind. I am my most productive in everything when I’m making sure I’m writing stuff down and getting the rubbish out my head. I also manage to get rid of a lot of my self doubt *I’m not saying it doesn’t creep back in* but this really helps me forget why I think I can’t do stuff. 2018 is a year I decided to try and stop caring what other people think, which is so bloody hard but with my new journal by my side I think I might just do it. 

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Do you have a Gratitude Journal? Or is there something that sorts you out when feeling stressed or anxious?