Monthly Obsessions

Obsessions of the month, the stuff I’m all about at the moment!

I thought instead of a monthly beauty round up why not an everything round up! I’m definitely a creature of habit and I find I get into little obsessions over the month. So here’s a little bit of a mix of everything of what I’m mad about this month. 

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Food Favourites 

• My ultimate after workout meal is scrambled eggs on toast. I have to have it on 100% spelt bread that I seem to be only able to buy from Waitrose (if you know somewhere else please let me know). I’m pretty much finding any excuse to have this dish and love having it at weekends as its super quick and easy. 

• For breakfast I have been having a banana and peanut butter smoothie with oats and almond milk. What I love is that I can have it on the go and because my schedule is so all over the place at the mo it works really well with that. I sometimes struggle to sit and have breakfast in the morning and this seems to be work best for me.

• My most recent and favourite kitchen purchase was a slow cooker and it has changed my evening routine. I seem to be able to eat more vegetables with this and I can make soup from scratch. I feel a little bit healthier with this in my life and I can make cheap dinners with it too. 

Skincare loves

• Alphah Liquid Gold Rose concentrated skincare. I got this in my advent Callander For the last 2 years and its awesome. It resurfaces and smooths the skin while hydrating at the same time. I use it a few times a week and really helps get rid of any pumps and unevenness. It feels like its working as soon as you use it and who doesn’t love that.

• Balanceme Rose Otto Face Oil which is 100% natural. It is a vegan, vegetarian and nut free oil that smooths and plumps the skin. It is so nice to put on at the end of a long day, it deminishes redness and protects sensitive skin. It really isn’t to over powering for sensitive or acne prone skin which is a must for me, it feels really lightweight and calming. 

• Dr Lipp Original nipple balm for dry skin, luscious lips & Glossy bits. This is 100% natural, fragrance free and tasteless. It has a glossy finish that lasts for ages and is super hydrating and moisturising. It’s a cute little tube that you can pop into your handbag. I love using this as my at home lip balm and it really hydrates under the first layer of skin. 

Hair must haves

 • Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioning spray for dry, really thirsty hair. I’m back to using leave in conditioner because my hairs been feeling a little dry lately. Aussie products work really well with my hair and this is one of my favourite conditioner sprays and it smells amazing too. 

• L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin mousse for volume and strong hold. I don’t really need to use mousse but I like how much fuller it makes my hair feels. I have always liked Elnett products and this mousse is super lightweight and doesn’t feel like you’ve got to much product weighing you down. 

• L’oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary oil nourishing masque balm for dry hair. This worked wonders for my hair the other day, it has 6 micro flower oils that melt into the hair. It left my hair feeling so much more hydrated and smooth. It is super reasonably priced in my opinion for the size of the tub and how much product you get. It has also upped my hair game so that’s always great 🙂 

On my Iphone

• Instagram obviosuly! I’m pretty obsessed with instagram over all other social media platforms. I love the story aspect because you can know who your following a bit better and see into their lives a bit more. I seem to spend most of my time on there at the moment and I also try and vlog everyday. 

• Generation Why podcast. I’ve found a new podcast that I love and of course it’s all about true crime. Two friends (who sound super cool btw) discuss unsolved cases, mysteries, controversies and solved murders. What I like is they really give their opinions but they are all based on common sense and the most logical explaination. They cover a lot of cases that you won’t find on other podcasts and they also add a pinch of sarcasm which is great. 

• Pinterest lover. I don’t know anyone who isn’t a little Pinterest obsessed and although my love never left I feel like I’m a little bit more into it this month. I especially love it for workout tips because sometimes I need a little help when at the gym. And if I need a bit of style inspiration I’m straight on there. 

Monthly Obsessions

What are you obsessed with at the moment? Is there anything I need to add to my list for the next month 🙂