Staying Positive

 Keeping Positive when everything makes you want to be Negative!

One of my achievements going into the new year was how I felt I had become more positive. I definitely still feel that way but I can feel the negative thoughts creeping in and I find it hard to not get sucked back into that way of thinking. I am the kind of person who wants everything to be perfect right now, I want to work hard but I want that hard work to mean something straight away. And I’m at the stage where everything is happening in baby steps and I get a bit frustrated.

Negative Nancy

*Apologies if your names Nancy.* I think I have the Positive and Negative equivalent of the Angel and Devil on my shoulders. And my positivity is still trying to rain supreme but sometimes when the negative niggle starts I find it hard to shake it off. For example last night I let it get the better of me when I decided that everything I do with my blog and social media isn’t good enough. I went through the whole drama of how I don’t work hard enough and my ideas are rubbish. And once I start on that path it’s hard to pull myself off of it. 

Instant Success

One of the things I find the hardest is that we live in a world where people seem to have instant success. That can be with anything from relationships, career, money etc. I think that makes it so much harder when you don’t feel like your even achieving 10% of your dreams and aspirations but you know your working hard so why arn’t you at 90%. I really don’t think social media and the media itself help your average person with that because all we see is everyone’s incredible success and wealth or there disastrous failures, but they have usually had the success and wealth in the first place. 

A work in progress

I do know deep down that everything is a work in progress and for some that’s a slightly longer road to others. I have the most amazing encouraging family and friends who remind me what I have achieved so far and to not belittle that or forget. Remembering that stuff and remembering that life happens along side all these dreams and ambitions helps me lighten up on myself. It clears my head to be able to work better and more effectively and it also gets rid of that crappy negative feeling. 

Positive Person

Even though I might have a wobble every now and again I do feel a lot better about things than I did a year ago. I know that what I’m doing now will mean something in the long run and I’m always learning with everything that comes my way. I’ve decided as well to try new things this year, or things that I’ve been saying I’m going to do and never get round to doing. And even though I’m nervous I’m sure it’s going to be a really positive and rewarding experience. 

What makes you feel more positive? Do you have any tips you swear by that banish those bad thoughts?