Cosy Nights in

Get Cosy because it’s cold outside and it’s January!

I love an excuse to get into my comfy clothes and I feel like January is as good an excuse as any. It’s a great time to settle in for the night and watch some great TV in your perfect Cosy comfy clothes. And with pay day such a long way away nights out are ditched for nights in *although I don’t need an excuse for that either*. So here are a few of my favourite Cosy items I need when I’m hibernating.

Perfect Loungewear

I need me some comfy pj like clothing that I can rock when I’m being super lazy. I still want to feel a bit put together so I’ll opt for something like this rather than joggers and a T-shirt. This little number is from Boohoo at £14.00.


My Slippers

I’m slipper obsessed so any excuse to get a new pair or wear my faves I’m there. I got these from Peter Alexander in Australia, which is pj heaven! We need to get it over here or something similar because I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I finally picked these out but I do keep them as ‘my best slippers’ because their just so cute.

Unicorn Slippers

A dressing gown 

I have 2 dressing gowns, 1 I mostly wear with my pj’s and the other I wear with my lounge wear or when I’m super cold as it is really toasty. My mum got me this a few years ago and it is so soft and comfy. 

Dressing Gown

Hot water bottle

A hot water bottle is the best thing for this time of year, I am so happy I got 1 for Christmas. In a close second I have the animal beanie’s you can put in the microwave. 

Hot water bottle


When I’m hibernating for the day or evening I love to light some candles. I really love creamy smells and at Xmas it was all about cinnamon scents. I don’t know about you but it makes me feel really relaxed.I have linked in a similar smelling one also from Paperchase. 



I always have an eyemask at hand as I really struggle to sleep without them. So if your going in full cosy mode it almost completes the look especially if your going to treat yourself to a mid day nap. This one is cheap and cheerful from Primark so I have linked a similar one. 

Eye mask

Here’s to some cute cosy nights in 🙂