New Year New beauty

New year = New Beauty!

The New Year is all about a new you and that means an excuse for some new beauty. I know we should be hitting the gym *believe me I’m trying*. But I also believe the saying “if you look good you feel good”. And that for me isn’t just about the gym. Yes it would be lovely to have a six pack *sigh* but while I’m waiting for that I can get my face to look it’s best.

24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil

Literally struck gold with this find *if you pardon the pun ;)*. I’m so happy I’ve found this face oil it soaks into the skin amazingly and can be worn under moisturizers and makeup. You can also mix it in with your foundation if you want a more dewy look. I feel like I’m going to run out of this really quickly because I’m a bit obsessed. 

Manuka honey oil

Manuka Doctor Honey eye roll

This wand of goodness paired with the face oil is like a hydrating machine. I love the roller for my tired eyes in the morning and it just feels so light and like it’s actually lifting. It soaks into the skin like a dream and you can apply all other products over the top. 

Dr organic cream

Dr Organic Honey Rescue Cream 

There’s a bit of a theme here with honey but it is just coincidence I promise. A friend of mine recommended this to me and at the time it was on sale in Holland and Barrett *SCORE*. First of all this pot is 50ml and it feels like there is so much as a little goes a really long way. It’s a rich blend of organic Manuka honey, cocoa butter, vitamin E and beeswax. It is safe to use on sensitive or irritated skin and it’s hypoallergenic so what’s not to love. 

By Terry lip balm

By Terry Baume de Rose

So this was a bit of a treat to myself before Xmas, and by bit of a treat I mean a massive treat. You all know I am pretty obsessed with lip balms so when I couldn’t get my favourite from sephora I turned to this. I must say I love it and I’m glad I do for the price. It is a multifunction balm as you can use it on your cuticles too and it has SPF 15 to combat aging effects of the sun. It has vitamin E and regenerative properties, it also feels like a dream on your lips.

Fabby Mac Lipstick

 Mac Frost Lipstick in Fabby

I finally used a gift card I got for my birthday and got a lipstick. It’s been so long since I’ve had a Mac lipstick and I’m really happy I’ve got one back in my collection. Fabby is more of natural pink lip colour but it has a gold pearl frost to it which is really subtle. I love this for a different everyday lipstick and best of all it’s not drying my lips out!

No7 loose powder

No7 Light loose powder in Translucent 

I was finally brave enough to change my powder, I usually use Clarins but I fancied changing things up. This powder is also a hell of a lot cheaper than Clarins so I don’t feel as guilty when I buy it. I am super happy I gave this a try I had read a lot of good things about it and it really doesn’t disappoint. I do like to put a small amount of powder all over my face to set my makeup for the day and because this has vitamins that work to keep your skin hydrated it doesn’t dry your skin out. It’s completely translucent so great for so many skin tones. A big thing for me traveling a lot is the size of products and this is a lot easier for me to pack. I am a very happy camper with this in my life. 


This is a lot more skincare as I’m a bit obsessed at the minute and I hope there’s some products in here that might pique your interest 🙂 Are there any products you have fell in love with lately?