high’s and low's

It’s about time to reflect on what a weird year 2017 has been! The high’s and low’s, the good the bad and the down right ugly.

First off I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and ate as much as your heart desired *I know I did*. I was speaking to my good friends Kane and Kate about achievements that we have all made over the year and it got me thinking that I really need to take the time to evaluate the year before it ends. My year has really been a roller-coaster ride with major high’s and some low’s too. Here are the things that I am most proud of as I go into 2018…

I started my Blog!

This is the year I finally plucked up the courage and created my Blog. It was a massive challenge for me to create what I had envisioned for so long, and by no means is it perfect but I am so proud that I managed to do it. I was so nervous and sometimes I still am now to put my voice out their but I really enjoy creating content which I hope you  enjoy reading. 

UK No1 Tour 

For those of you new to my blog *Hello and Welcome*. I am an actor and this year I went on my first UK tour with a fantastic company as an understudy. It was amazing to work on a professional production and it was so great to start doing what I love everyday. It was really intense and has kept me busy for a lot of the year going to new places across the UK. Achieving this was a proud moment for me this year and a step in the right direction for my career. 

1st trip to Australia

I still can’t believe I got to spend a month in Australia with my family. It was something that we had been so excited for and we couldn’t quite believe it when we were there. We were so lucky to spend a month together doing things we love and exploring as we don’t always have that much time together as a family now we all live further apart. I am looking forward to seeing more of the enormous country in the years to come.

Becoming more positive

This is one of my biggest achievements this year I think. I realised that this time last year I felt a lot more negative about things and would struggle to see the positive sides of most situations which didn’t help me manage my stress. I feel like this year has been a big one for me with personal growth as things haven’t ran very smoothly. But it has taught me to be more positive and truely be grateful for what I have. 

Friendships new and old

Mainting old friendships and making new ones is something that’s very important to me. I’ve spoke before how it isn’t always easy in London to meet new people that you really click with but this year I have. I mean who doesn’t love have a good catch up and laugh with people you really love. 


I hope your year has been full of surprises an you can look back and think of how much you have achieved. And I wish you all the best for 2018 x