Gift ideas

It’s the time of year for Gift giving, and here are a few idea’s before time runs out.

Don’t fear there is still time for some last minute Christmas shopping because trust me that’s what I’m doing. And I have picked some of what I think are pretty useful gift idea’s that will be much more than just a stocking filler. 

Amazon Fire Tablet

I have had the pleasure of experiencing this tablet in my own hands to review for you guys and it is a great present idea. One of the first things I noticed is that it’s so light and easy to handle and carry. I have an IPad Pro which I love but it really isn’t the easiest to transport so I very often only take it on long journeys. For me this is a massive plus. The screen is lovely large and clear and it is obviously super fast. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t live without a tablet of some kind and this is so incredibly well priced they don’t have too. It’s great for watching films and programs on, you can have your kindle on there and listen to audio books and podcasts too. All your entertainment in one tiny outlet. 

Fire Stick 

This is a new discovery for me and boy oh boy do I think it’s a great idea not just for Christmas! I was sent this by the lovely Fran at Amazon and I must admit I had to read up what it was. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about it is a streaming media stick that you plug into your TV and connect to your WiFi to watch apps such as Netflix, ITV Hub, BBC Iplayer and more. It comes with a voice activated remote control so you can say the name of the actor or film you want to watch and it will bring up the choices. It is a more affordable way to watch tv and it’s quick too. You can also listen to music, play games and search the web. If you have a TV addict for secret Santa this would be a winner!

A Portable Charger 

Something I couldn’t live without is a portable charger. I am lucky that my boyfriends Dad gave me his a few years ago and it is a god send. There is so many on the market at various different price points. I have linked this one as it has over a 1000 reviews on Amazon and you know I love a good review. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t need one of these in this day and age. 

Portable Speaker

These a perfect for taking on your holidays. I got mine from Thailand a few years ago and it has also had a trip to America too. I love a bit of background noise and if I can’t have my TV on this is the next best thing. Always check out what is compatible with the receivers device and you are good to go. 


Now I don’t have one of these but I have friends and family that are obsessed with them. And of course I can see the attraction. If you have a friend or relative that is a bit of a book worm then this is a perfect gift. Of course the main beauty is they hold thousands of books and the battery life lasts weeks. They are so light they are great for the daily commute and for long travelling too. I am really considering treating myself in the January sales, but this isn’t about what I want *sigh*! This is the time for gift giving so why not a Kindle for Christmas!


I am always loosing or breaking my headphones, I’ve got through so many pairs that I’ve considered splashing out on on a wireless pair. And then I thought what I great idea for a present *genius right*. My boyfriend had the Beats headphones which he loved and said the sound quality is amazing. There are more affordable options out there and all different options that will suit the persons style. For music, podcasts or watching programs on your travels this is a perfect gift.

Here’s a few more just for him if you are struggling…

Sunglasses – Retro Polarized sunglasses

I love a good pair of sunglasses I think they can take a look from basic to brilliant. So maybe you know the recipient has a few holidays this year or just loves to look super stylish. You can’t go wrong with some snazzy sunnies and these retro inspired ones are really edgy and won’t cost you a fortune from Amazon Fashion. 

Shirt – Lyle and Scott Oxford Shirt

Guys like girls are always after new threads so how about getting a great shirt that will spruce up their wardrobe. If you know their favorite shop thats great but if you don’t there are so many great quality items like this Lyle and Scott Oxford Shirt. 

Spirits – Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey

Is your guy a spirit lover if so this can be a great stocking filler or the main feature of your gift. Maybe they have a brand they always drink or are up for trying a bit of everything. This is something I wouldn’t usually think of but I would love to receive a bottle of prosecco so ‘cheers’. 


And the last thing to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love Sarah xx