Powerful Documentaries to watch

6 of the most powerful and moving Documentaries I have watched and you should too!

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If you know me then you know that I love documentaries. I love the honesty, truth and education that comes with them. And I am always searching for new ones to watch. As a self confessed TV addict there’s nothing I love more than sitting with a cup of tea and watching my favourite programme. And to be honest there’s no better way to watch a fantastic programme than on a fantastic TV like a Panasonic Oled 4K TV. Which is kind of like having a cinema in your own home.* I wish*. So here is a run down of my favourite documentaries this year.


This documentary is focused on a specific whale that lived/worked in Sea World for many years. *Crazy right*. That alone has its own controversy but what happened over Tilikum’s life is shocking. Through people who have worked with Tilikum you are told the story of his life as an entertainer. As someone who has visited Sea World many times from being a child I was so shocked to watch this and I couldn’t believe I had seen whales ‘perform’ and never realised how they were being treated. It is a real heart wrenching story that will keep you glued to the TV throughout. 


I have talked about this in a previous post and it has still left a lasting impression on me. This is a crime film documentary set in America. It takes you through the history of racial inequality from the point of slavery being abolished till present day. One of the great ways it shows this is by telling the audience just how many African American’s are incarcerated and how the presidents have helped orchestrate that. I gained so much knowledge from this and it helped me understand things that are reported in the news today. If you are looking to be blown away by the truth this is for you! 

Amanda Knox

This is one I had to watch after seeing her face on the news for so many years. I couldn’t quite understand how she could be twice convicted and acquitted and actually be innocent. But watching the documentary definitely helped me understand the events from the night Meredith Kercher was sadly killed till Amanda’s eventual acquittal. It is truly fascinating and really worth a watch especially if you have followed the case. 

The Keepers

Again another one I have mentioned before but I haven’t met one person that has watched it and hasn’t been so shocked and outraged by this story. It is a 7 part documentary unfolding the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik and so much more. The way it’s filmed is amazing and it draws you in wanting to desperately find the truth. It isn’t for the faint-hearted as some of the topics in the series are very sensitive. The story is almost like something out of a film but when you see the people who’s lives have been affected by the crimes you realise how real it all is. This is a must watch and make sure you have a hanky by your side. 

Making a Murderer 

A docu list wouldn’t be complete without Making a Murderer! I am pretty sure everyone who has Netflix has seen this or at least heard the story of Steven Avery. It is 10 episodes long and explores the life of Steven Avery and his family. It is a extremely addictive series as you can’t quite believe what your watching is real life. I will say after listening to the Real Crime profile podcast it did help me see that maybe the creator of the series is trying to lead the viewer to a certain conclusion. That being said you can make up your own mind but you have to watch it first. 


Is there anything you think I should watch? Do you have any thoughts on the my favourite documentaries and what are yours?