Gluten free diet

The reasons why I became Gluten Free!

I know there’s a lot of speculation over the ‘trend’ of being Gluten Free. But for some it isn’t a fad or trend it’s necessary. I have mentioned in previous post about becoming ill due to stress. This stress seemed to trigger a problem that then became a big issue. That’s where the journey of looking into my diet began…

What about IBS?

I feel like the term IBS is thrown around willy nilly. So when I was told I had IBS I didn’t really think it could make me feel as bad as I was feeling. And I really didn’t know much about it and how it affects the body. I did breath a big sigh of relief that I didn’t have something such as crones or celiac disease. Having friends that have these I know how serve and life altering it can be. I was very confused as to why I was having these terrible stomach pains, no appetite and just generally feeling like crap. 

Trying out Medication 

After nearly a years worth of tests and lots of drama I was put on some strong medication that just made feel even worse. I also tried over the counter medication for IBS but nothing seemed to help or make me feel any better in myself. So then I looked at my diet. 

The Fodmap Diet 

This is a pretty weird name I must say but there is a reason for it. “Fermentable, Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols“ are things found naturally in food. And the idea is restricting these things can help symptoms of IBS. I began this diet 2 years ago and within 2 weeks I started to feel like myself again. I never thought that my diet could play such a massive part in how I feel. Which I guess sounds really stupid when you think about it but I didn’t know enough. The Fodmap diet works on cutting out certain foods which helps the stomach recover. Gradually over time you can reintroduce food which will help in managing trigger foods. 

Starting a new lifestyle

Starting the FODMAP diet was a pretty scary task at first I must admit. I had to reeducate myself about all the foods I would normally eat. The first thing I had to do was learn what foods are off limits. For example certain fruits like mango’s, apples, blackberries are really high in fructose so they are to reduced or avoided. Cutting out the protein found in gluten is one of the biggest parts of the diet and that’s what I found the hardest. *I miss doughnuts!!*

Eating out

Eating out was the biggest challenge at the start especially cutting out onion and garlic which really helps my stomach. Most people are really shocked by this and it was difficult but now it has become the norm. I’ve tried to make finding gluten free places an exciting task and there are a lot of options around. I now don’t follow the Fodmap diet as strictly so I can be more adventurous in what I choose. I do still miss certain things but I’m also so grateful to feel better that I can make some sacrifices. And I also live in hope that a gluten free option will become available or I might not have to follow this diet forever. 

I do feel so much happier and healthier since taking control of my diet. Is there any advice you have?