Sarah a day in the life

A Day in the life of a Temp!

For those who are new to my blog *hello and welcome* I’m an actress. And when I’m not doing what I love which seems like most of the time, I Temp as a receptionist. I am always interested in what people do at work so I hope your as nosy as me and enjoy A Day in the Life of a temp.

*Phone on Standby from 6:30am

Being self employed you have a super flexible schedule and basically decide when you work. Sometimes when temping you have to be on standby and be prepared to be called from 6:30 in the morning on wards to take a shift anywhere that needs you. Most of the time I go to new places so when I wake up I have to get all my stuff together get my suit on and pretend that I actually know what I’m doing. And I must say I’m not the biggest fan of wearing a suit #trainerseveryday

*Getting lost around London 

I am notoriously bad at directions or finding places. It’s got so bad my friends will meet me at the station even if we’ve been somewhere before so I don’t get lost. So I do surprise myself that I manage to go to all these different offices and actually arrive on time. Thank god for city mapper and google maps for getting me around otherwise finding these places in the middle of London just wouldn’t happen.

*New Job for the Day

When I arrive at the office (hoping I don’t get lost) it’s kind of like I have a new job for the day. On days when I’m tired or thinking about my blog or acting I can find it hard to really concentrate. But people are really understanding that it’s not always easy coming into a new place everyday. One of the things I love is the tea’s and coffee’s we can usually have and the fact I can sit down for most of the days. It’s the small things in life right!

*When’s Lunch?

Just kidding *cough cough* but it is nice to know what your day has in store. It is usually a day full of answering phones but everywhere can be a bit different. I do have a mind block every time I answer the phone and have to say the company name which I suddenly can’t remember. Usually I have someone teaching me the ropes but very often they have to disappear and do their own work so I’m left to fend for myself. That’s when I have to switch my brain on a little but I still never have the answers to most of the questions. 

*Help I need the toilet 

Ok so this seems totally random! But I’ve been in the situation where I was left manning the building reception and unable to leave for anything! Having such a weak bladder and being left alone unable to go to the toilet is my worst nightmare. One particular time I had to sit and wait until someone would come to cover me, but they forgot. Along came the awkward wee dance. Eventually someone turned up but it has left a lasting fear in me every time I enter a new building.

*Sod off

Sometime’s people get a kick out of being rude to the receptionist. I think this happens in every profession. But when your a temp and literally don’t know people from Adam it’s hard to understand why someones giving you a hard time. That’s when I have that little celebratory dance inside that I’m just there for 1 day. And it actually means nothing.

*By the end of the day 

By the end of the day I’ve probably made quite a few mistakes and realised a few things. For example who sits where, what meetings are happening or not happening. Who not to transfer calls to, where deliveries go and who the bosses are. I have been lucky to work with really nice people that help with reception or work there. This is my favourite part of the job and why I keep doing it. The next day it will be onto the next place with new people starting it all over again.  


What is the best and worse part of your day? Do you have a funny work story?