What I’m watching on Netflix!

I might have already mentioned how much I love watching TV *don’t judge me to much*. And I was a bit late in the game subscribing to Netflix but thank god I did. There is literally so many programs that I sit there not knowing what to watch. I decided to give a run down of everything I am watching in the hopes that you will recommend some to me 🙂

Mad Men 

Since discovering this gem I have become obsessed. Set in the 1960’s I am in love with the style, decor and the way they behave. In a way it’s quite slow paced but I love it for that. It follows one guy and everyone in his world of advertising. It is obviously a big hit as it has 7 series and if you give it a watch you will understand why. 


My friends have been obsessed with Miranda for years, we used to gallop around work it got that bad. But my love for her has grown and is still going strong. I wish there were more than 2 series as I am now repeating episodes. I think the style of the show is great and hasn’t really been done before. She is such a lovable character and the cast are great. This is a kind of show I would love to do myself so it’s so enjoyable to watch and it really makes you feel good. 


This is a crime film documentary set in America. I was actually speechless after I watched this *a hard task you might agree*. I don’t know about you but there’s so much about American history I didn’t know. There is a lot of stuff in the news that I realised I didn’t really understand and that’s because I had no idea what had happened in America since slavery was abolished. If you a looking for something honest, real and informative watch this. 

The Keepers

I don’t really know where to start with this one as it’s so chilling and good. It is a 7 part documentary unfolding the story of real life events. The way it’s filmed is so fascinating it draws you in wanting more and desperate to find out the truth. It isn’t for the faint-hearted as some of the topics in the series are very sensitive. Such a touching docu I would recommend it  if you love true crime and like to hear the stories of others. One of my favorite podcasts talks all things The Keepers and that sheds another perspective on things which is really interesting. 

Black Mirror

Unfortunately I have come to the end of the series of this weird and wonderful drama. What’s great and unusual is that every episode is standalone and looks at another aspect of the ever changing modern world. Each episode has a different cast and it styled in a complete different way. It’s super interesting, different and fascinating. I’m really looking forward to the next series coming soon.  

Dr Foster

I am desperate for the second series of this to arrive on Netflix! The first series is perfection. I always loved Suranne Jones from coronation street and Scott and Bailey and she does not disappoint in this. It is a great mystery drama that leaves you wanting more and more. Following Suranne as the lead protagonist she completely draws you into her world and you are desperate for her to succeed. This was recommended to me by so many friends that I had to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. 

There are probably a few more programmes I could write about but these are my fav’s at the moment. What would you recommend?