go to everyday hairstyles

Go to everyday hairstyles that are super easy to wear

Ladies on the go need some staple hairstyles that are easy to wear and easy to do. These are my favourite styles to do from freshly washed to worn hair. 

easy to wearheadband#1 The blow out

I start off my hair week with a proper blow dry which can see me through at least 4 days. I really prefer my hair after it’s blow dryed because it so sleek and polished and even after a few days it still has a shape to it. I’m all about the middle parting so if I want my hair out my face I just take 4 grips and pin back each side. It’s really girly, I feel like my hairs down but not in my face and if it’s windy it’s going to keep it’s style a bit more. A headband is also another easy style that I love.


half up half down

#2 Half up Half

clip half up half down

Normally the second or third day after I’ve washed my hair.  This style it’s so easy. Either with a clip or hairband I pick a section tie it up. Somtime’s I like to have more volume at the font or tight with a higher ponytail.  Depending on how much hair you take up it can change the way it looks too. 

head scarflow pony tail#3 Ponytail

This is my go to lazy day hair style that still looks like I’ve made some sort of effort. You can do low middle or high. I either do middle parting or side depending on how my hairs looking in the morning. If i want it sleek I might spray it down so it’s super tidy or go for a more relaxed look. I often wear this when I’m doing my receptionist work. Sometime I add an accessory to change things up a little.




#4 Plaits

2 plaits

I must admit I have really fell in love the having my hair in 2 plaits. My hair still looks done and it’s so easy. I will either do 2 French plaits or just normals ones again it depends what I’m doing, what I wear and how much time I have. A single plait is another easy to do style that can b a nice change from a ponytail.



What are your favourite hairstyle’s? Is there something you wish you could do but haven’t?