things in life

Things that I struggle with the most.

I don’t know about you but sometimes getting through a day can be a bit of a struggle. Some days I just have so many things on my mind. And then I look at my Instagram, twitter and Facebook and everyone’s lives just seem to be so perfect. Deep down obviously I know that that’s not the case. But the culture at the minute is to glamorise every aspect of our lives and that’s just not real. I wish at the age I am I didn’t worry so much and could be less hard on myself. And in the last few years I’ve really tried to lighten up.

1. Stress

It took me a while realise that I had begun to live in a constant state of stress. So much so that it eventually made me ill. At first I found it really hard to accept. I am lucky I have a great support system around me and slowly I have begun to cope with it better and better. Writing lists is something I have spoke about before, and this was one of the things I used as a major tool to help. I would try and write down everything I felt because sometimes I didn’t know why I felt bad. Writing the list helped me understand what the real issue was. I have always felt a certain amount of guilt for feeling stressed or being overwhelmed because in my opinion my life’s not really that difficult. But I understand now that we all struggle with dealing with different things.

2. Self doubt

I know I’m not alone in this and I think this is one of my worst traits. I am the worlds worst critic of myself. From my physical appearance to my career and my personality. After reading somewhere that if you wouldn’t say it to someone else don’t say it to yourself! I really try and keep that in my head before I start being hard on myself. I try to accept that everything happens at its own speed and being frustrated and disappointed in yourself is not a productive way to deal with it. 

3. Pressure

Even while writing this I can see how all these things go hand in hand. I think it’s great to be ambitious and focused but sometimes my list of goals to achieve in my time frame gets to much. I’m sure I’m not the only one who made themselves a plan and thought I’d just keep ticking off my goals year by year. *Sighs* Oh if only it was that easy! Of course my unrealistic goals haven’t quite been met the way I expected and I’m finally realising that that’s ok and dare I say for most NORMAL!


We all have those days…

Everyone has those days, no matter how ‘amazing’ life might seem. I am trying to not feel guilty when having a bad day and I hope I can help you stop doing that too. If stress has began to take over your life there is no harm in speaking with someone. Don’t suffer in silence. I decided to write this post because I think there’s nothing wrong in admitting when your not feeling your best. In no way am I saying I’m an expert I am talking from my personal experience and what helped me. And I hope you can relate to what I’m talking about or maybe there are other things you struggle with?