Number 1 face masks

Number 1! Amazing face masks at drugstore prices

I am all about keeping things cheap and cheerful but I still want quality products to put on my face. I have rounded up my number 1 face masks that I use all the time and some new ones, that have helped improve the overall look of my skin.

Garnier face masks

Garnier Moisturiser Bomb Tissue Mask

When I first tried this it was on offer for £1 so how could I not give it a go. At the moment it’s £1.99 so a bit of a bargain. Its super soft, smells lovely and best of all very hydrating. It left my skin feeling plumped and soft. Best of all it didn’t cause any breakouts. Sometimes my skin gets itchy and red because it’s really dehydrated, especially with the acne creams I use. This really helps calm that down.

Garnier SkinActive Aqua Mask 8ml

I used this bad boy on the plane to Australia. I thought I had picked up a sheet mask but this was just as good and not as scary for public use. The beauty of this mask is that after you’ve had a thick layer on your skin for 10 minutes you can rub in the excess so you are well and truly hydrated. This has done wonders for my skin, especially when it’s looking a little grey and ‘blah’. It’s also paraben free which makes me and my face happy.

Quick fix face mask

Quick Fix Facials, Calming clay mask

For some reason I can no longer find this in Boots but that’s where I first purchased this at £4.99. It has lasted me so long and it was my go to mask when I started my acne treatment again. The mask contains Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and Rose Extract. All natural products and I found it really works on my skin. If I’m having an especially red skin day or everythings just looking a but dehydrated I will put this on for 10 minutes and it will make a huge difference.

Soup & Glory what a peeling! De-clog Mask

So I saw this in boots, gave it a quick look and didn’t buy it. But after reading Fee’s post on makeup savvy I decided I should give it a whirl. Definetly worth trying just for the fact it’s pink and only £2.67. I haven’t had much success with declogging masks but this is a really nice one as it all sets and you can peal it off in one go. It wasn’t to strong for my sensitive skin which is great and not to drying. It comes with 2 pots so I’m looking forward to giving it another go next week. 

Sarah says salut face mask

Soup & Glory Puffy eye attack under eye brightening hydrogel patches 

Wow that’s a long name! I was super excited to try this because I’ve been feeling really run down this week. Also an absolute steal at £2.33. I love the packaging for starters. The 2 sheets are in a little plastic case which keeps all the ‘juices’ in around them. Overall a great product and at such a reasonable price. I sat for 30 minutes with them on an I could definitely see my under eyes were more hydrated. 

Yes lip mask

Yes to Coconut 2-step lip kit: Pucker up

I am a sucker for anything lip related so at £3.33 I had to try this. I have used the Sephora rose lip masks in the past and loved them but I do find them a bit sloppy and they are often sliding around my mouth. I’ve never tried one with a lip scrub so I was really excited to try this. It comes in 2 parts, the lip scrub first and the mask in the second part. The packaging for this is great and you can save the scrub for another use. The mask was brilliant, it literally didn’t budge. I kept it on for about 15/20 mins and once it’s off you can still feel it working. I think this is my new favourite lip mask and I wont feel to guilty about treating myself to it at this price!

What are your favourite drugstore masks? Or is there one that is really worth the splurge?