Ultimate podcast I'm obsessed with

5 podcasts I am obsessed with!

At the moment I don’t seem to be able to go on any journey without a podcast in my ear. I have definitely become obsessed. There are so many out there and I am always looking to discover new ones so here are my favourites and hopefully you will share yours!

My Dad wrote a porno

This isn’t really what you think it’s going to be. And that’s the absolute beauty of it. It is so ridiculously funny and not sexy at all. If you are looking to literally LOL this is the one that will do it. 3 friends Jamie, James and Alice read Jamie’s dad’s ‘erotic’ novel. They read a chapter every week and it’s got so popular they have a celebrity guest on mid week to discuss how much they have fallen in love with Belinda Blinked. It has gained such a massive following that they are now doing live shows that have even gone to Australia. The author ‘Rocky Flintstone’ is very active on twitter and definitely worth a follow. I am constantly telling friends about this because I love it so much. If you want to make your commute a blast download this asap.

Real Crime profile

I am a bit of a true crime fanatic, so this podcast is right up my street. This podcast has 3 amazing people Laura Richards, Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti talking about a variety of different topics. Some of them being Netflix documentaries The Keepers and Making a Murderer. Jim Clemente is a former FBI profiler, Lisa Zambetti is the casting director on criminal minds and Laura Richards is also FBI trained and the founder of paladin. They give so much expertise and help you understand different sides of cases that have had heavy media coverage. They also talk about personal experiences which is gripping.

Sword and Scale

A true crime podcast at it’s best! This one is more of a story telling podcast. It takes old and new events, crimes and cases and tells the story of what happened. They talk about the facts with complete transparency which is really refreshing. I really find it fascinating.


Serial is one of the first podcasts I listened to and it’s really addictive. You follow one story for the whole series and you are constantly wanting more information. Serial has got a huge following and is extremely well produced in my opinion. There are currently two series out and they will leave updates about the cases on the website. If you love a true stories and the American ‘justice’ system this is definitely for you.

The Tim Ferris Show

This is the newest podcast to my collection and I’m taking a break from my true crime addiction with this. It is the number 1 business podcast out there. Tim will interview different entrepreneurs, professional’s and performers and extract tools and tips for us ‘ordinary’ folk to use. This includes stuff like their morning routines, what motivates them and they are very raw interviews. So no smoke and mirrors in this one which is fab because it very rare to actually hear the real voices of people in the public eye now a days. 


I would absolutely love to hear what your favourite podcast is? I am always looking for new material to fill up my commute 🙂