3 countries that changed my life

3 countries I visited that helped make me the person I am today!

This month I have been doing a lot of travelling around the UK and it has made me think about my love to travel. Coming from the city of Nottingham I feel very lucky to have travelled a lot since childhood. It has made me appreciate where I am from and what I have at home and appreciate the places I have visited. When I think back to the places I have visited or lived, there are 3 places that I feel have really impacted my life.

#1 Rhodes Greece

When I was 18 I took my first dance job, working in a hotel in Rhodes. In total I spent about a year there and when I look back on it now I have such fond memories. Rhodes itself is so beautiful, walking around old town was amazing. Spending breaks by the beach sunbathing was definitely out of the ordinary for this pale British girl. I did a lot of growing up there without my parents and being in what was quite a strange place to what I was used to. It was truly a roller coaster ride, and the change of lifestyle was really strange at first. The beaches in Faliraki were seriously stunning even if you’re not interested in the night life. I really hope to go back in the future and see a place that has always meant so much to me.

#2 America

Orlando, Florida ended up being the destination for our family holidays. Disneyland was the reason we first went when I was young and we all fell in love with the place. I remember tasting Coke for the first time there and it blew me away! The weather was a big shock as we usually went in July, so big hats and T-shirts in the pool was the only option. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been so many times I never loose the warm feeling inside when I get there. Being on holiday with my family there, sharing incredible memories and having fun together means that it holds such a special place in my heart.

#3 Paris 

Moving to Paris was not something I ever thought possible, but that move definitely changed me the most. I moved after getting a job there. It ended up being the place where I had to really be a grown up. I rented my own apartment for the first time and worked with some amazing people that have become great friends. Even though France is very similar to the UK in a lot of ways I found living there the hardest. The language barrier was such a challenge and naively I hadn’t prepared myself for that. In Paris I didn’t really feel like I fit in and was very aware I was a foreigner. I loved exploring Paris, and not to sound too cliche, but seeing the Eiffel Tower light up was truly amazing. Paris was the place my life really changed. 

Final thought…

One thing I am really happy and grateful for is that I have had the opportunity to travel. I never imagined I would ever live in a different country in my 27 years. Everywhere I visited or lived I have taken a piece away with me in my heart. The fact that I have been able to travel has definitely influenced and changed the person I am today. I have a really exciting trip planned to Australia in a few months and I’m so excited!

What countries have changed your life?