4 reasons I started my blog

The 4 reasons that led me to start my blogging journey! 

There’s many reasons that I eventually plucked up the courage to start my blog. But there are definitely 4 main ones that helped me take the plunge.

I’m sitting here on the train to Scotland thinking what I should write about. And even though my blog is new, that doesn’t mean my reasons for starting it are not worth talking about.

So here are my top 4 reasons that started my blog:

1. Creative Outlet

Having an outlet, other than my career was something quite inspiring. My performing has been my hobby and career for most of my life and consumed so much of me. So finding something else that I was passionate about was amazing. It gives my mind a break from the ups and downs of my career, and I can focus on something else and come back to career stuff with a fresher perspective.

2. Advice I wish I had

The chance to give even a tiny piece of advice that I wish I could have had was a massive reason to begin my blog. Leaving school and beginning my career was a time I wish I would have been able to find some words of wisdom. Talking from personal experience and speaking from the heart was something I wanted to do. Helping at least one person was one of my big things when starting this journey. My first post was almost like writing a letter to my younger self. 

3. The potential to connect 

The potential to connect with people I would never normally meet or talk too was something exciting. And that also includes the potential to talk too or work with brands that I love. For me this is still a dream, but we can dream right?! As I’ve said before, sorry to repeat myself, I’m such a big beauty lover. And the thought of even the tiniest chance of me connecting with a brand that I love was and is extremely exciting and inspiring.

4. 3 years of talking not doing

Enough talking and not enough doing! It has been about 3 years since I had that first thought of starting my own blog. And by this year I was thinking about it weekly, if not daily and coming up with post ideas. That was my final sign that I just needed to do it. What’s the worst that could happen?! Well, it definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought and I take my hat off to all bloggers out there because even setting up the site is mind blowing. But I’m so happy that I finally put words into actions.

Let’s wrap this up…

So even if you don’t have the same reasons as me, but you are thinking about starting your own blog, don’t give up on the idea! A pro’s and con’s list is always good. And you can always go with a free hosting site or go head first like me and go for the yearly subscription! A blog that actually helped me take that final step was Heleneinbetween. Helene has so many incredible resources, and knowledge, her blog is amazing and so helpful.

Even though my blog is new and I am learning everyday I would be so happy to talk with new bloggers like me, old bloggers that can give me advice, and people thinking about starting blogging. Don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂