Beat that bad mood in 5 simple steps

Beating that Bad mood and getting on with your day!

There is nothing worse than waking up in a bad mood. Or getting a case of the grumps. I have definitely struggled with this, this week. I love living in London, but it does come at a price. As I’m a ‘struggling’ actor and not a millionaire I don’t have the funds to have my own flat. So like many living in London I live in a flat share, with complete strangers. Sometimes it can be so difficult and I wish I could handle it a bit better. This has been the cause of a very bad case of the grumps this week and I had to put all these steps in place to get me back to feeling positive and lift that grey cloud.

#1 Be Honest

Be honest with yourself. You are in a bad mood and ask yourelf why. Once you’ve identified the reasons, that’s half of the problem solved. If it’s a lot of things bothering you, write them down. Once you get them out of your head, your on your way to feeling better. I do this a lot and it has been the best way for me to deal with stress and help me move forward.

#2 Simple solution

For the most part when I’m grumpy or irritated its actually from something quite small. Which means there is more than likely a simple solution. Once you have worked through what the cause is, you can now move on to how you can make yourself feel better and find a solution.

#3 Don’t add fuel to the fire

This is definitely a massive note to myself. After waking up in a mood from the night before it continued to my commute. Getting the tube at rush hour, being pinned up against the train door and being under someone’s armpit for the journey, I was truly feeling sorry for myself. I was also adding this to the tally chart of my bad mood, so things were starting to seem terrible. In the end I realised what I was doing and brushed off the commute and the other irritation like I normally would.

#4 Live in the moment

Living in the moment is acting advice I got during rehearsals, and then I had a thought that I wasn’t doing that in ‘real life’. It’s so easy to live in the past and dwell on things, especially the negative and definitely when something has not gone your way. So instead of letting that one thing that happened in the morning or night before ruin your whole day, take control! And live in the moment.

#5 See the Positive

Seeing anything, no matter how small, as a positive is a great way to move forward. If you really are feeling low, make a list of all that you have to be happy, grateful and positive about. I always surprise myself with how much I end up writing. Even if things aren’t exactly how you want it to be, things could be worse. So give yourself a break!

What helps you get over that bad mood?