Part time actress, full time receptionist post

Actress or Receptionist… when you realise your part time job might have become your full time job!

Whatever your dream job or career path might be, it isn’t always easy or even possible to get into straight away. When I was younger, I had age goals that I set myself. As I’ve got older and those unrealistic goals haven’t been met its been hard not to feel disappointed.

Certain career choices mean you have to take part time jobs, or even the joyous zero hour contracts to get by in the interim. This is when I realised that I wasn’t an ‘Actress’ or ‘Performer’ I was a full time receptionist. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I do enjoy that job, but it had somehow taken over. When going into such a competitive industry, as performing, it is not guaranteed to work 12 months out of the year. But when nearly 8 months or 11 months are filled with a job you don’t consider your real profession it can be very hard not be disappointed, in yourself!

Positivity or denial?

It almost feels like an unspoken rule that you can’t admit that your sad your career hasn’t taken off, or that you might need some help. And when you start to feel like that, that’s when the doubt creeps in ‘Can I really do this?’ I think that can be said for anyone struggling with their chosen career. I personally found that my pride got in the way of talking to people. Once I let that go, I realised I wasn’t the only one struggling.

Keep going!

It’s time to pick yourself up, focus and get your head back in the game. Be proactive, look for jobs or opportunities that will build your CV. Everything is experience and will be an asset in the long run. And whatever you do, do it well, as you never know who that person knows. Most important of all is keep positive and don’t let those negative voices get louder!

After one of the most difficult years last year I am finally seeing hard work pay off. I have an exciting project coming up and its proof that I love the path I have chosen. Its also important to recognise achievements no matter how big or small!